[TOSOWOONG] Rice Paper Pack Original - 1pack

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[TOSOWOONG] Rice Paper Pack Original - 1pack


Rice Paper Pack Original


natural rice paper sheet making skin moisture.

[How to use]

1. Open the rice pack.
2. It is composed with a bag of enriched essence,
tray and rice paper(top&bottom).
3. Open the tray and pour essence on all over the rice paper.
4. Close the tray and make sure tray is closed tightly.
5. Lift the tray with both hands and move left and right 3-5 times
gently to all the essence spread out evenly.
6. Open the tray after 2 minutes and apply rice paper on your face.
7. Remove after 20 minutes and pat your face several times
to absorb the remaining essence.

- Condition : New

- Contents : 1pack
Tray - 1ea, Rice Paper Sheet - 1set, Moist Essence - 23g

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