[TOSOWOONG] Help Me Body Patch - 10pcs

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[TOSOWOONG] Help Me Body Patch - 10pcs


Help Me Body Patch


Help Me Body patch provides Hot and Amazing effects.
Adiposlim and Adipoless, the main ingredients of This Patch
have been developed and distributed by SEPPIC in France exclusively.

[How to use]

Dry out the targeted area before use. Break the seal
and remove the protective film on the product.
Leave the product for around 1-2 hours for all the active
components to be absorbed constantly and remove it.
(You can leave it around 8-10 hours if you'resleeping or having a rest)
Once the patch is applied, attach the adhesive film
on the patch to be tied up.
You may feel it's getting hot after application or the area
could be rosy temporarily, but it is a natural reaction for this
product to deliver the active components to the targeted area.
and is safe to use.

- Condition : New

- Contents : 10pcs

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