[TOSOWOONG] Black Sugar Facial Scrub - 160g

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[TOSOWOONG] Black Sugar Facial Scrub - 160g


Black Sugar Facial Scrub


It is excellent for removing blackheads and dead skin cells.
It’s a scrub type body wash that is eligible for both face and body.
It takes care of excessive sebum, dead skin cells and blackheads
by using it 1-2 times a week.

[How to use]

1. Apply product to face all over with a bit of water.
2. Gently rub over the targeted spots (black head and dead cell)
as you draw a circle with fingers. (Do not rub the skin too hardly)
3. Melt down black sugar grains as you softly rub the skin with a bit of water.
4. Wash off with warm water clearly when the black sugar grain is melted.

- Condition : New

- Contents : 160g

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