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[MILKYDRESS] Deo Essence - 30ml
[MILKYDRESS] Deo Essence   [Description] : Underarm essence for clean and bright u..
$16.36 $5.92
[MILKYDRESS] Take Care Body Mist - 80ml
[MILKYDRESS] Take Care Body Mist [Description] As anti-trouble body mist with whitening functional..
$7.27 $6.18
[MILKYDRESS] Take Care Spot - 10ml
[MILKYDRESS] Take Care Spot [Description] Soothes the sensitive spot due to the irritation or the ..
$12.73 $5.73
[MILKYDRESS] The White Beige - 50ml
[MILKYDRESS] The White Beige [Description] Gentle Beige colored formula is absorbed as soon as it ..
$22.73 $5.68
[MILKYDRESS] Virgin Peach - 10ml
[MILKYDRESS] Virgin Peach [Description] : For perfect body change color into lovely pink...
$26.36 $7.91
[MILKYDRESS] White Virgin Powder - 4.5g
[MILKYDRESS] White Virgin Powder [Description] 5 kinds of vitamin complex improve dull skin intens..
$36.36 $4.36